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"Here lies select works and tomes of the college of luminaries, lest we not forget the history of man in order to not be lost in its future"

The land we inhabit is referred to as in the common tongue, a word with no meaning for a land as old as time. There have been many theories that have come and gone to the forming of this world, such as various gods and pantheons, near omnipuissant dragons or a meeting of elementals at the gates of chaos.

The known Lands of Toth consist of three large nations that have known peace now for two and a half centuries through the miracle of the free market – may fortune smile upon us – and these nations have evolved a perfect balance of expertise granting the interdependence so necessary to avert the greedy and envious.

There are many Races in residing in Toth mostly peacefully such as the simple and hardworking Elves, ambitious Humans and cautious Dwarven folk. Those of the amphibious Azeran that seek civilization find work in niches that other more civilized folk shun, their duplicitous natures and inscrutable features overlooked for their utility. In the skies the capricious Aarakocra form simple tribes and posses a primitive culture and mysterious giants inhabit the floating isles.

Main Page

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