Lands of Toth


Valrath sits at the south of Toth, it's verdant and fertile lands farmed by the humble and simple Elven folk. It is the breadbasket of the world, allowing us to attain the population and greatness as a people combined. The Valrathi have opened their lands to all that wish to work, and Dwarves, Humans and even Azeran have called Valrath home for generations now. Knowing their importance to the lands of Toth and Greypeak, the Valrathi are known to be hard negotiators.

Meitath sits in the west, with Valrath sitting on its southern border, the Misty Mountains to its north, and The Confederacy to the east. Humans had settled here longer before documented history and the Meitathy entrepreneurial spirit allowed them to dominate naval and engineering endeavours so much that their technical prowess has created an important niche in our world. Given the important of Greypeak in recent decades, the Meitathi have formed a central and powerful place at the head of the Cloudship navy. While all races are welcome in Meitath, there is a strict hierarchy in their political and scientific guilds, and their traditional military structure means that in effect, power in Meitath is a strictly human affair.

The confederacy of Hardholme & Hammerhold sits to the northeast of Valrath and Meitath and nestled amongst the Misty Mountains. It has been a natural nestling place for the Dwarves given their natural talent at extracting riches from the earth, and their comfort in confined places.


Lands of Toth

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