Self taught arcane prodigy seeking hidden knowledge


A youth with a youthful face, Noman seems much younger than he is.

Curious and well spoken he uses his wits and speed to avoid the inevitable trouble he get his self into and his lack of physical strength is apparent in his wiry but small musculature.

His nondescript and common appearance lead many to overlook or otherwise ignore him.

Somehow Noman understands that the world doesn’t work how it is supposed to work. He doesn’t know how it is supposed to work bit he intends to find out and then make sure that others understand that this is how it works.


Born in the merchant city of Zweith, sandwiched at the meeting point of three separate kingdoms, Noman was born to poor laborers.

A precocious child, he quickly realized he was smarter than those around and to avoid the inevitable beatings his constant questions bought he learnt early to stay quiet and listen. He taught himself to read and write and made money running errands and messages around the city.

Although not adverse to minor thievery he was reluctant to risk being caught. At six, already fending for himself he left his now single father and never saw them again. Pock marked with acne he found himself largely ignored by the other children and entertained himself through education and reading, sneaking into libraries, listening in on merchants, quietly following anyone who might have something new to teach him, then abandoning them when the source of knowledge was exhausted.

He followed a hedge wizard for a while and although the hack had no talent of his own, Noman’s curiosity was aroused and he taught himself through observation some simple cantrips, and a curative spell from watching miracle healers.

His life changed forever when he looted a dusty tome from a knifed man in an alley and the carefully disguised manual of magic taught him invisibility allowing him to sneak into areas of knowledge and education long barred from street urchins such as himself.

Looting the dead became a perceived non-risky habit and graveyards became another source of both his education and income. His most prized possessions are his rebound books, incomplete pieces and abandoned musings rebound together into a haphazard collection of seeming random facts and stories.

He worked awhile as a scout for the thieves guild, although very careful to not become too useful or aligned he still found himself reluctantly being pulled into their world and when a scouting went wrong he hid in a merchants caravan while the guard rounded up an unsuccessful heist. The caravan was tied down and he was trapped for many days inside the caravan as it left Zweith and headed he knew not where. Fate as fickle as always left him luckily with food and water and now, in the city above the clouds Zweith is a rapidly receding part of his history, compartmentalized as ‘experience’.

Now at 19, still naïve he is open to the new experiences around him but now more wary of the trouble he can get himself into.

  • Superstitions – Libraries. Somehow believes is he does anything bad in one of them they they will be closed from him for ever.
  • Religion – Just another source of magic….
  • Friends – until recently none.
  • Loyalty – His new friends until death.
  • Family – unknown
  • Work – scribe, letters, accounts.
  • Weaknesses – curiosity for knowledge.


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