Humans are adaptable it is said, but the people originating from Meitathi thrive under order and structure. Finding faith in Reykon The Ordered One, the Meitathi and humans in general tend to thrive in hierarchical structures, particularly military.

In a world that has for generations has known no war, only trade and research, the humans struggle to find relevance in their military prowess. Greypeak has provided a new outlet for the Meitathi as the unknown always carries the risk of danger.


In recorded history Dwarves were always known to have inhabited the dual nations of Hardholme and Hammerhold. Known as the confederacy, the original inhabits found peace after decades of fighting and converted their skills towards peaceful means, largely courtesy of Greypeak.

The open air dwarves of Hardholme found themselves natural navigators of the skies and are frequently found aboard the cloudships that inhabit the skies around grey peak. And the cavern dwarves of Hammerhold posses an unmatched engineering prowess making them invaluable allies in new construction of ships.


The Humble and hearty Elves of Valrath have typically been content to farm their fertile lands in the south, taking up arms in earlier times to defend their homeland. Feeling a spiritual connection to their place of birth, not many Elves wander too far, or for too long from where they have been born.

The Valrathi have found themselves important trading partners to Greypeak in delivering much needed foodstuffs to the city-above-the-skies.


An ancient race largely inhabiting the wetlands in the south of Valrath, they are often despised as much as misunderstood.

An amphibious race with an ability to spit poison they are at times envied and other times feared. Coupled with body language impossible to understand to those not familiar and their inherent skill in lying, they are a deeply mistrusted people.

While the Azeran have been here as long as recorded history, they have shown little interest in colonising lands. Since the formation of Greypeak however, there has been an always present contingency of Azeran finding a niche in water management of the city. It has long been theorised by never truly understood why they are here.


Best described as flighty in both a literal and metaphorical sense, the birdmen of CloudWorld tend to be tribal and primitive. Inhabiting floating islands abandoned by the Jotun and they occasionally prey on passing ships and have adapted weapons and clothing to their use.

Possessing no humanoid vocal cords or writing system, they have been unable or unwilling to communicate with other peoples although they can apparently communicate with themselves.


The Jotun are the reason that the college or Lorists are here.

Colloquially known as giants, these massive beings stand no less than 5 metres high, and some double that. They possess a seemingly ancient but unrelated language and have shown tremendous abilities, such as being able to jump for miles through the air and project their voice with such power that they can cut a Cloudship in two.

Periodically when islands inhabited by Jotun come too close there are violent struggles, with members from each island jumping to and fro, throwing rocks and their voices until an appropriate number are dead at which point fighting ceases and the Jotun go back to their businesses in a seemingly unconcerned fashion.

In spite of this apparent lack of concern, Jotun are remarkably quick to anger and happiness, and both have resulted in the accidental deaths of many scholars and sailors who brave their presence.



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