...and trouble up above

Triumphant and in good need of ale and sleep, our trio leave the morbid sewers only to be set upon by Azern assasins.

While Xorn received a dose of poison that brings a shake to him and threatens far worse, Noman proves once again resourceful in providing a timely dose of Antitoxin.

The three pass the night in Nomans hideout and during the day seek to clear their conscience. They advise Xorn's employer Tanky that his adopted boy is sadly no more, and that the cousin of the Water Bearer Bella Minsk has also suffered the same fate.

Xorn and Noman get a tattoo. Atticus makes an omelette.

Noman discovers in the book he took from the sewers blank pages that periodically write themselves in a language he cannot yet decrypt. A natural born prodigy he has pieced together in short time that there appears to be some kind of date or time stamp, as well as a few words here or there such as "hurt" and "return". He also notes that as far as he can determine at this stage, the language only seems to comprise of a single pronoun, "We".

Elrond, an influential priest talks with them and seeks to help them contact higher authorities, bypassing the ladder climbing guard captain of The Ways, Captain Rennier. He also provides Noman with a book on children's fairy tales that bear some striking similarities to recent events.

The trio seek to retire at Tanky's Tavern only to find that he is not there. Xorn discovers a large cache of weaponry and armor in a disshelved state and before the group have time to ask further, they are set upon once again by assasin's.

More numerous and seemingly better prepared, the night's alleys sound deathly still and the guards are nowhere to be found. They had not prepared for an invisible range who shouting from an unknown space behind them had been enough to prompt the leader of the group to signal a retreat. Not before then though had Xorn claimed one victim, splitting him in two vertically, knocking another unconscious, and ripping the door of Tanky's Tavern.

From their interrogations of the captured Azeran, he was revealed to be a cultust of "Azul", the drowned God who seeks to unite the Azeran and flood the world so it may be claimed for them again, according to their legend.

The party decided it was not safe to stay and left the Tavern, shortly running into Elvan, the Elf who's identity the monsters possesed. After some discussion the group had decided to place a measure of trust in this Elvan and followed him into a bolt hole where he revealed himself to be more than he oringally appeared, and perhaps a different kind of monster…



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