A warning down below...

One way or another, our intrepid heroes find themselves in Greypeak, the last bastion of adventure in a stable and prosperous unity of three nations.

The mighty Xorn, a gigantic tatooed warrior from unknown lands to the north whose brutatlity and effectiveness quickly finds him employment in keeping the peace at Tanky's Tavern.

The young and mysterious Noman, self educated prodigy with a gift for harnessing arcane energies that not even himself quite understands. He ended up at Greypeak by accident but after experiencing the intense magical energies surrounding the place, he may be uninclined to leave.

The aged and experiences Atticus, Sky Ranger and navigator to the cloudships that navigate the skies around Greypeak, who had found himself rescued by Xorn and Noman from pirates who had abducted him.

It was not long that the heroes arrived in Greypeak that trouble became apparent. People had gone missing and strange sightings had occurred. A neglected part of the city, guards were disinclined to investigate. Whether through a kind heart, promise of rewards, curiosity, or maybe just boredom, the 3 had found themselves late at night in an abandoned sewer fighting a giant crocodile.

Atticus bravely put himself in danger to repay his debt to his rescuers, Noman summoned energies unknown to pierce the belly of the beast, and Xorn - who showed no fear – happily wrestled the crocodile if only to rip out its eye as a trophy of his conquest.

It was not long after that the group were shocked to learn that not one, but two creatures had taken on the appearance of an elf known to the group and attempted to devour them.

Through Noman's wit, Atticus' deadly aim, and Xorns brutal power, the creatures were quickly dispatched over a flaming pit of fire eels.

Despite their victory a sad sight awaited them, for at the end of the sewers were the remains of several local people, some of whom they were sent to seek. They would have to break a few hearts with the news of what has passed here.

Beyond the tragedy lied mystery, for Noman found at the very heart of the creatures contained an everwarm stone which he has taken to examine in good time. But more so was a portal to another place unknown. And at this portal hovered a book. Grand, thickly bounded and encrusted with an everwarm glowing ruby the book soon found itself in the envious possession of Noman's.

And so the mystery begins..



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